Brand: Der-materialspezialist
Product Code: Absorbtion Sponge Yellow
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Der-materialspezialist Absorbtion Sponge Yellow 乒乓球 吸力海綿 黃色

Highly speed absorbing soft damping sponge in the color yellow.

Excellent for combining with pimple-outside, anti-top rubbers and also with pimple-inside rubbers.

The absorption sponge has a "smooth" and an "open-pored side".

The smooth surface is for gluing directly onto the blade.

The open-pored side of the damping sponge is to be glued to the selected top sheet.

The speed reduction increases with the thickness of the sponge, which means that the 2,0mm version of this absorption sponge has the highest speed reduction.

Speed: 2