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Dr Neubauer Anti Special 防弧膠 乒乓球 套膠 

德國Dr. Neubauer 專業防弧膠, 


The new weapon for blocking close to the table 

How can I be of service to you? 

Well I do hold a master degree in killing any topspin by blocking, chop blocking or chopping at long range, be it loaded, with little rotation or a power attack. I specialise in doing this with a lot of spin reversal and just low and short over the net. 

Actually during my studies I majored in another subject called 'control'. Now I can keep in check any stroke with ease. Believe me this turned out to be quite an ordeal but I did it and now have fully mastered it. 

You may call me slow, even very slow and I shall subscribe to this. However, if I get bored while blocking and pushing I do lose my temper occasionally, oh boy can I get aggressive then. 

Doping? Trust me I don't need it, actually I even hate it

I am honest, reliable and durable. Let us shake hands and play together. It will be fun and a pleasure, albeit certainly not for our opponents.
A-B-S is distinctively slower than our current Anti-Spin rubbers Gorilla and Grizzly and offers a much better control. On top of that A-B-S produces a very good spin reversal for a highly effective blocking game close to the table. 

At the same time A-B-S provides good attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing and lifting, especially on chopped balls. 

A-B-S and ANTI SPECIAL come with a new rubber mixture for the topsheet and a new type of sponge. Thus the rubbers come very close to our old frictionless long pimples. 

Speed: 60
Control: 85
Spin: 100