Brand: Armstrong
Product Code: Attack 8 L OX
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Armstrong Attack 8 L粒 OX 乒乓球 半長膠 生膠 單膠

Symbolic of Arm,  Attack 8 series  good for plastic ball

Attack 8 (Attack Eight)  not like nap-long soft rubber, able to hit powerful drive and/or speedy ball.

As the result of researching normal nap-out rubbers, high performance「Attack 8」is finally developed. Big difference from conventional nap-out rubbers is the height of nap. 「Attack 8」has 1.2mm high nap, while nap of conventional nap-out rubber is 1.0mm high. Not effective only for defense play like nap-long rubber, promising good facility both of attack and receiving play. This rubber is available in two different nap diameter, M nap and L nap with the same height.

顏色:黑色/ 紅色