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GEWO Blade In-Force ARC OFF- 乒乓球 底板

GEWO Force Series – Dynamics, precision, innovation

The success story continues! It all started in 2011 with Force ARC Off and the story is now contin-ued with the new GEWO Force series. New compositions and materials were combined to meet the requirements of modern high-performance table tennis. The composition of the popular Force ARC Off remains unchanged while the blade’s balance has been adapted to the demands made on state-of-the art table tennis blades.


The Gewo In-Force ARC Off- is a true allrounder! Force ARC’s “little brother” comes with the synthetic fibre placed directly on the core ply, which provides for a more flexible and “tame” feel. The harmonic composition of the blade offers new possibilities and variability for spin-oriented attackers, OFF/ALL players and even active players using pips-out/anti-spin rubbers.

Composition: Koto - Ayous - Aramid-Carbon - Kiri - Aramid-Carbon - Ayous - Koto

Speed: 89
Control: 94

Characteristics: Offensiv-

Layers: 5+2