Brand: Falco
Product Code: Long Booster 25ml
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Falco Long Booster 25ml 長效增能劑 乒乓球 膨脹油 打底油 

New generation booster ! Completely VOC-free, even used pure during testing, it gives no positive result in VOC. With an effect for nearly three months, this booster is the fastest of his generation ! Use TEMPO BOOSTER on the rubber only. Repeat the application every 24 hours for a better speed affect. After the last layer, let it dry until the rubber will become flat again. Join the rubber and the blade with water-based glue. Efficient 8 to 12 weeks.

長效增能劑! VOC Free! 功效持續12星期 (3個月), 比典馳、海上明月更有效, 更耐用!


容量 : 25ml