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Sauer & Tröger Hellfire X 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Hellfire X 長膠 乒乓球 套膠 Table tennis long pimple Hellfire X Target: Advance to the new galaxy of the game with Long Pimples! Innovation & Future: After the “Hellfire” is one of the world’s leading long pimples rubbers, the Hellfire X is about to enter a new, space-filling dimension. The test phase with a total duration of more than 3 years has been incredibly long and intensive. However, from the very beginning there was only one goal for us: The best long pimple in the near future. The Hellfire X was developed together with highly qualified pimples players under the direction of Sebastian Sauer. This made it possible to create a long pimple of the highest quality especially according to the players’ wishes. The Hellfire X conveys a unique playing feeling, which is precisely matched to the plastic ball. The perfect balance of speed, control, disturbing effect and spin development is the heart of the long pimple. The ideal combination of the individual pla..
Sauer & Tröger Hellfire 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Hellfire 長膠 乒乓球 套膠 Target: Force your opponent to make easier mistakes with the extra portion of cut. Characteristics: 1. Pimples structure: The pimples of the Hellfire are set wide apart. This is the secret to its unique cut. The defensive balls behind the table create so much cut that the opponent is forced to push the 2nd or 3rd ball. When playing, the ball seems to get caught between the long pimples. This reduces the speed of the incoming ball and converts it into cut. 2. Pimples width: The wider pimple heads with the slightly roughened surface are a trademark of Hellfire. If you hit the ball well, you will give your opponent a real headache. 3. Pimples hardness Hard, almost porous – one might think. But the stiffer pimples heads of the Hellfire are an absolute guarantee for success. A powerful cutting ball is created, which puts the opponent in a powerful position. The Hellfire also has its qualities in offensive play. The harder pimples al..
Sauer & Tröger Black & White 異質 乒乓球 底板
Sauer & Tröger Black & White 異質 乒乓球 底板   Maximum spin with the new plastic balls/ Perfectly matched to pimple and anti-spin rubbers/ Light weight. Enjoy playing with this light-weight 7-ply combination blade, which matches perfectly with pimple and anti-spin rubbers, and can produce maximum spin with the new plastic balls. The forehand side in rated in speed ALL+ to OFF-, the backhand side ALL. You will feel immediately how comfortable and safe you can play with this blade, but also how dangerous it can be to your opponent. This blade is ideally suited to players who vary the speed and spin of the game, or play a disruptive strategy with pimples or anti-spin on one side, and a more offensive and spinny rubber on the other side. Size 15.3 cm x 15.1 cm (height x width)   Veneers 7   Playing system ALL+ / OFF-   Speed Forehand: 86 Backhand: 79 Control Forehand: ..
Sauer & Tröger Super Stop 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Super Stop 防弧 乒乓球 套膠   With this slow and low-friction antitop-rubber you will have control which you cannot top. Rotation gets neutralised and passive balls can be played back extremely safe. Also attacking shots can be played easy. Tip: even when you do not play with an antitop rubber this one can be interesting. For example when you do not feel safe enough with your pimples or with your frictionless antitop-rubber or when you produce too many mistakes. Speed: 43 Control: 108 Spin: 41 Hardness: soft+ Characteristics: DEF+/ALL ..
Sauer & Tröger Dominate ALL 乒乓球 底板
Sauer & Tröger Dominate ALL 乒乓球 底板   With the Dominate All Blade, our weapon for all-round players, we are targeting two types of players – The progressive long pimple player and the classic all-round player ..
Sauer & Tröger Easy P 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Easy P 長膠 乒乓球 套膠   After we have successfully introduced our special rubbers for pimple players, we are proud to present another long pimple rubber – called Easy P, the “easy to play pimples”. The Easy P will set new standards in the long pimple strategy for every player that likes to play close to the table. ..
$228.00 $188.00
Sauer & Tröger Firestarter 乒乓球 底板
Sauer & Tröger Firestarter 乒乓球 底板   The FIRESTARTER takes the power for attacking shots and enables you to more effect-rich attacks and a very accurate shot-game. Because of the woods low speed, it is especially useful for players with fast pimple rubbers. In addition it is great for all the players, who had a hard time defending topspin balls.   ..
Sauer & Tröger Hass 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Hass 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠   Why is your opponent so despondent? That angry look can only be because of another unplayable shot with your S&T Hass! ..
Sauer & Tröger Hipster 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Hipster 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠   It mixes the positive characteristics of both short and long-pimple rubbers and is an optimal allrounder. ..
Sauer & Tröger Kasalla 乒乓球 底板
Sauer & Tröger Kasalla 乒乓球 底板   Power for aggressive styles newest blade-development, KASALLA, offers outstanding power for offensive styles. ..
Sauer & Tröger Schmerz 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Schmerz 長膠 乒乓球 套膠   That hurts!!! Your opponent destroys his bat after putting another of your shots with S&T Schmerz deep into the net. You don’t need to be happy at your opponents despair but you can celebrate your own success! ..
Sauer & Tröger Secret Flow Chop 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Secret Flow Chop 乒乓球 套膠   Mysterious. Graceful. Dangerous. In developing the SECRET FLOW CHOP rubber a new type of topsheet has been combined with a unique sponge to allow your table tennis to really begin to flow. In the top sheet you will discover a table tennis rubber which offers enhanced speed, spin, and game control. The specially developed synthetic rubber surface brings true high performance to the top sheet and this combined with the high quality innovative medium hard “SC- sponge” creates a wonderful but deadly combination. High performance and maximum grip are achieved in every shot. When you impart backspin the amount of deceptive topspin developed is highly dangerous to your opponent. Chopping near the table, and defensive shots away from the table can be played effortlessly because of the high control. Speed: 84 Control: 97 Spin: 100+ Hardness: medium Characteristics: DEF/AR The special “SC sponge..
Sauer & Tröger Zargus 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Zargus 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠   S&T Zargus is a wide short pimple providing a consistent balance for both: attacking and passive shots. Zargus offers maximum control combined with a high disruptive effect and makes it easy to place the ball precisely. ..
Sauer & Tröger Zeus 乒乓球 底板
Sauer & Tröger Zeus 乒乓球 底板   It was a high-class racket for modern defensive players, no matter the costs in terms of development and material. The result is ZEUS. We proudly present this masterpiece. It is named after Zeus, the Greek father of the gods, which was only logical with what it represents. ..
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