XIOM Hayabusa Zi 乒乓球 底板 (35% OFF)

XIOM Hayabusa Zi 乒乓球 底板 (35% OFF)
品 牌: XIOM
型 號: Hayabusa Zi
庫存狀態: 庫存以店舖數量為準
銷售價: $1,230.00 $799.50


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XIOM Hayabusa Zi 乒乓球 底板 

Creative synergy of wood and composite material. Zephylium in new construction makes HAYABUSA Zi feel natural but sharper than all wood blade. Leveraged spin loading and increased ball energy (commonly noted as “heavy ball”) are secured by the unique internal construction. Flexible but solid contact with the ball to generate heavy spin identifies Zi as the new European power blade. New paradigm defines HAYABUSA optimizing controversial properties to make the unprecedented table tennis racket. Made in Korea.


(35% OFF, 65折) $799.5

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