SpinLord Nashorn OX 生膠 乒乓球 單膠

SpinLord Nashorn OX 生膠 乒乓球 單膠
品 牌: Spinlord
型 號: Nashorn
庫存狀態: 庫存以店舖數量為準
銷售價: $145.00


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SpinLord Nashorn OX 生膠 乒乓球 單膠

The Nashorn is not the fastest short pips rubber we can offer you, but it is the most dangerous. The Nashorn is even more dangerous (but also more difficult to play) then the semi-long pips Keiler and ORKan !

The horns (=pimples) of the Nashorn are very short, but have a strong wobbling effect. They also have a ribbed surface with ultra high friction and a slightly conical shape. The rubber compound of the top-sheet is very soft and slow. It is also very elastic, which is in fact the main difference to the other short pips from SpinLord.

The sponge however is medium hard and fast. Overall the Nashorn is slow when defending, but it also has more power in attacks then you first would expect.

The Nashorn is optimized for playing close to the table, specially for blocking, pushing and counter-attacks. It also can generate more spin then other short pips in undercut balls. However it is not very suitable for playing topspins and it also has not been made to replace long pimple rubbers.

The Nashorn is our best offer for players who don‘t play topspins, but also don‘t want to only defend. It is truly a unique rubber, quite different from any other short pips you may have played before.

The weight of this rubber is rather low (on the package is written above average, but we were able to reduce the weight). Please note the sponge can be damaged rather easily when pulled of from the blade.

Speed: 10

Control: 7

Spin: 10

Colors: red + black

Sponges: ox / 1,0 / 1,5 / 1.8 / 2,0 mm

Type of rubber: Short pips

Made in: China

Sponge hardness (our rating): ca. 40-43 degrees

Sponge color: pink


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