Sanwei 三維 Europe Target 40+ 標靶 乒乓球套膠

Sanwei 三維 Europe Target 40+ 標靶 乒乓球套膠
品 牌: Sanwei 三維
型 號: Europe Target 40+
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銷售價: $150.00


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Sanwei 三維 Europe Target 40+ 標靶 乒乓球套膠

Easy to make long arc trajectory
Easy to creat faster speed
Easy to keep control
Easy to feel the compression

By making the surface of top sheet as thin as possible, whose
difference to other rubbers is visibly identified by the naked eyes,
the longer pimples can be bend more easily into sponge, while the
air compartment of “cake sponge” can attract the force of incoming
ball and then expend it again, imparting additional power on the ball
much like spring, enabling a high degree of rotation while shaping a
higher arc trajectory, also increasing the control in passive playing.
This rubber is a perfect combination of high-speed elasticity and
great compression.

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