Donic Vario Clean 500ml 乒乓球 水溶性 膠水

Donic Vario Clean 500ml 乒乓球 水溶性 膠水
品 牌: Donic
型 號: Vario Clean 500ml
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銷售價: $280.00
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Donic Vario Clean 500ml 乒乓球 水溶性 膠水

The DONIC Vario Clean has been developed according to the new ITTF regulations. Without any volatile organic compounds (VOC) this water based glue guarantees that the rubber sheet can be applied without any health risk. Easy handling and fast drying are two more characteristics of this top product. 
Application: Apply the glue evenly on blade and rubber sheet uusing the clip fixture and sponge (included). After approx. 5 minutes apply the rubber to the blade using a press roll. If possible store the glue in a cool place. 
Made in Germany




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