Dr Neubauer Pistol 2 正膠 乒乓球 套膠

Dr Neubauer Pistol 2 正膠 乒乓球 套膠
品 牌: Dr Neubauer
型 號: PISTOL 2
庫存狀態: 庫存以店舖數量為準
銷售價: $360.00 $215.00


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Dr Neubauer Pistol 2 正膠 乒乓球 套膠

Great control, high dynamics, more disruptive effect

Our short pimple rubber PISTOL has been a best-seller since its launch in 2006 on account of its unique playing characteristics.

This new version PISTOL 2 offers the same level of control and the same remarkable "soft touch".

However we have adapted the rubber to the new plastic balls. PISTOL 2now produces more disruptive effect while blocking, counter-attacking and hitting, allowing for a dynamic and disruptive game with short pimples.

Also we have managed to enhance the longevity of the rubber and to make it more consistent over time.

PISTOL 2: The new short pimple alternative with speed, control and disruptive effect. 
Category: Short pimples
Colours: red +black
Speed: 100
Spin: 80
Control: 90
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