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TSP Spinpips BLUE 乒乓球 正膠 套膠
TSP Spinpips BLUE 乒乓球 正膠 套膠      ..
TSP Spinpips RED 乒乓球 正膠 套膠
TSP Spinpips RED 乒乓球 正膠 套膠      ..
TSP Ventus Basic 乒乓球 套膠
TSP Ventus Basic 乒乓球 套膠    Ventus Basic is the most controllable Ventus variant for spin-oriented allrounders. The Japanese TSP material experts succeeded in combining the well-balanced features of the popular Ventus series with an innovative high-control 37.5° compact sponge. This highly elastic sponge with built-in “Optimized Rotation Concept” provides for a longer ball contact time and excellent spin potential plus perfect balance of speed and control”. The tacky top rubber sheet of Ventus Basic additionally supports spin development and leaves nothing to be desired for modern, variant-rich allround players. Ventus Basic is a modern allround rubber featuring classic playing characteristics making it the ideal choice for various playing styles   顏色:紅色/黑色 ..
TSP Versal 乒乓球 底板
TSP Versal 乒乓球 底板   輕量木材,手柄內含特有的EVA海綿使球板振動感適量的吸收,精確的手感。能得到愉快的擊球感覺。而且中芯使用超輕balsa木材(6mm),實現了60g±5輕量化。在前台反正手的擺速和旋轉的速度超乎想像。連續的技術訓練也能穩定的維持。   ..
TSP 乒乓球 海綿 護邊 84505
TSP 乒乓球 海綿 護邊 84505 10mm x 50cm   ..
TSP 乒乓球 護邊 44152
TSP 乒乓球 護邊 44152 Made in Japan 日本製造  10mm x 50cm ..
TSP 83321 乒乓球 運動服 球褲
TSP 83321 乒乓球 運動服 球褲 ..
TSP 83322 乒乓球 運動服 球褲
TSP 83322 乒乓球 運動服 球褲 ..
TSP 86480 乒乓球 球套 板套
TSP 86480 乒乓球 球套 板套   ..
TSP 86481 乒乓球 球套 板套
TSP 86481 乒乓球 球套 板套   ..
TSP AGRIT SPEED 乒乓球 套膠 TSP Agrit Speed is the new high-end product with integrated „Dynamic Tension“ technology for all-out offensive players. Compared to the regular Agrit, the new somewhat harder sponge „Made in Japan“ with the „Dynamic Tension“ technology provides a never before experienced spin- and speed feeling. Agrit Speed is conceived for players who are playing an all-out topspin game and who need maximum speed by every shot. The energy transformation has been optimized, that means even the energy of the toughest balls can be converted into speed and rotation. TSP Agrit Speed – Quality „Made in Japan“. 顏色:紅色/黑色   ..
TSP AGRIT 乒乓球 套膠
TSP AGRIT 乒乓球 套膠 The TSP Agrit, an offensive rubber with built-in speed-glue effect „Made in Japan“, has been developed with the new technology „Dynamic Tension“. This new invention from our mother company in Japan gives your strokes maximum speed and a never seen rotation to the ball. The combination of middlehard sponge and the special „Dynamic Tension“ technology guarantees enormous feeling, especially during long topspin rallies. But also in the serve- and receive game, TSP Agrit convinces through the top grip Japanese surface and the soft touch. The popular, high quality rubbers „Made in Japan“ will be recognized in TSP Agrit – test the new offensive standard – test the TSP Agrit!! 顏色:紅色/黑色 ..
TSP Black Balsa 7.0 乒乓球 底板
TSP Black Balsa 7.0 乒乓球 底板   The high-end OFF blade! The TSP Balsa 7.0 is the perfect material for any power attacker. The 7.0 mm thick Balsa core produces all the power and speed you need for your attacks, without neglecting control and reliability.   playstyle: OFF synthetic fibre: Balsa wooden ply: 5   ..
TSP CURL P-1R 乒乓球 長膠 套膠
TSP CURL P-1R 乒乓球 長膠 套膠    根據規定範圍內的細長顆粒形狀,也是勝利率最高的長膠型。有非常大的變化,最強的長膠。強力的變化使對手很難反擊,是適合削球選手和防守型選手使用。 ..
TSP CURL P-2 乒乓球 半長膠 套膠
TSP CURL P-2 乒乓球 半長膠 套膠 顆粒長且粗,攻擊力和穩定性也是提高了很多。 TSP長膠CURL系列,共6款,是市面上長膠打法全,變化多,專業的長膠。 P-1R:變化大; P-3:控制好; P-2:適合進攻,但穩定性好; P-4:適合削球; P-3aR:控制與變化兼併; PH:進攻型,但變化多 ..
TSP CURL P-3αR 乒乓球 長膠 套膠
TSP CURL P-3αR 乒乓球 長膠 套膠    較粗略低的顆粒,重視穩定性的類型 較粗略低的顆粒形狀,很高的穩定性也是長膠顆粒的特徵。加上預想之外的變化,為不轉球的攻擊也發揮威力。非常適合長膠的初學者和攻守兼備的選手。   顏色:紅色/黑色 ..
TSP CURL P-4 乒乓球 長膠 套膠
TSP CURL P-4 乒乓球 長膠 套膠    變化多端的[CURL P - 1R] 膠皮的基礎上,並且在世界上活躍的削球 選手松下浩二加入到開發中,製作出這款為削球選手而開發的新[CURL] 膠皮。配上較軟海綿後操作性更高,變化性跟以前一樣,但是搓球及 攻擊的穩定性提高了更多。 ..
TSP CURL P-H 乒乓球 長膠 套膠
TSP CURL P-H 乒乓球 長膠 套膠    TSP長膠CURL系列,共6款,是市面上長膠打法全,變化多,專業的長膠。 P-1R:變化大; P-3:控制好;P-2:適合進攻,但穩定性好;P-4:適合削球; P-3aR:控制與變化兼併; PH:進攻型,但變化多 ..
TSP Hino Carbon Power 乒乓球 底板
TSP Hino Carbon Power 乒乓球 底板   强 弹性, 超快 型 底板.   playstyle: OFF synthetic fibre: Carbon wooden ply: 5   ..
TSP Rise Speed 乒乓球 套膠
TSP Rise Speed 乒乓球 套膠 Are you ready for even more speed, spin and power? Watch out for the new rubber technology „Made in Japan“ - here is the Rise Speed! The new, dynamic „Power-Sponge“ technology gives the popular TSP Rise even more speed and power! The result will convince you! Due to the somewhat harder „Power Sponge“, TSP Rise Speed has even more power. The grippy, Japanese surface guarantees constant spin and control. The quality „Made in Japan“ stands for long durability and first-class playing possibilities. 與標準套膠相比更增加了速度感。 顏色:紅色/黑色 ..
TSP Rise 乒乓球 套膠
TSP Rise 乒乓球 套膠 TSP Rise is a very spinny and fast offensive rubber with built-in speed glue effect „Made in Japan“. The combination of the flexible „soft-sponge“ and the energetic top sheet give the shots a fantastic catapult effect and a unique sound. With this rubber, variable topspins and receives with a lot of spin are no problems anymore. Also in the passive game (blocks, chops,..) TSP Rise provides great control due to the soft surface with a lot of grip. The extreme catapult effect of TSP Rise allows a higher ball trajectory with which you can reduce your mistakes. TSP Rise – a soft high class offensive rubber! 超越現代乒乓球,高規格的反膠類套膠。 ..
TSP Spectol 21 乒乓球 正膠 生膠 套膠
TSP Spectol 21 乒乓球 正膠 套膠    SPECTOL系列生膠的代表作,很多冠軍選手使用後的成績證實(SPECTOL)是最高層次的套膠,和(21號海綿)組合而成,成功的實現了最適合打40MM大球的速攻型膠皮,扣殺的速度,和上旋球很容易就可以打出,安定性和平衡感是很絕妙的。 ..

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TSP Spectol Speed 乒乓球 正膠 生膠 套膠
TSP Spectol Speed 乒乓球 正膠 套膠    高彈性速度型生膠套膠 SPECTOL硬海綿版。最適合追求速度的前台速攻型選手使用,特長是對抗弧圈型選手, 很容易打出旋轉球和下旋球。 ..
TSP Spectol 乒乓球 正膠 生膠 套膠
TSP Spectol 乒乓球 正膠 套膠    SPECTOL系列生膠的代表作,對各種角度的球都可以打出安定的速度,很容易打出上旋球,最適合在前台速攻的兩面攻球,和製造推擋下旋球的選手使用。 ..
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