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TIBHAR FORTINO FORCE 乒乓球板 7-ply offensive wood of the TIBHAR SUPER STRONG SERIES, honouring the name „Force“. It is technically hard to create fast aggressive offensive blades but the concept of core reinforced fibre blades, which in term of speed and power are able to compete with outer synthetic fibre blades will be a surprise! The basis for this is the use of an innovative fabric made from carbon and Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, which provides an excellent uniform bounce and minimises annoying vibrations. In addition, the special choice and combination of the wood veneers makes it a very powerful attacking blade for an uncompromising offensive game. The FORTINO “Force” with inside synthetic fibres is designed for an aggressive topspin game, amazingly direct but also very precise for all strokes. TIBHAR FORTINO – some blades simply need to be tested!             ..
TIBHAR FORTINO PERFORMANCE 乒乓球板 The offensive blade with the highest feel among the TIBHAR SUPER STRONG SERIES. This 9-ply offensive blade has power in any situation, but also an excellent ball-feedback thanks to its perfectly matched veneer combination. Thanks to the use of the high-end fabric made from a combination of carbon and Dyneema® fibres, ‚the world’s strongest fiber™’, the sweet spot is increased, vibrations are reduced to the minimum and the necessary stability and dynamic are kept. The fabric was placed close to the core, so that this FORTINO variant is perfectly suited to modern table tennis sports, enhancing speed, catapult reserves and the necessary control. With pride we can say there is no other wood with this Setup currently on the market. A real innovation, a fibre-reinforced attack wood of the latest generation, consisting of 9 layers and still relatively light and with great touch – TIBHAR FORTINO suits the offensive game and puts the emphasis on punchy but co..
TIBHAR FORTINO PRO 乒乓球板 The fastest blade among the TIBHAR SUPER STRONG SERIES. Thanks to a fabric made from carbon and Dyneema® fibers, ‘the world’s strongest fiber™’, this 7-ply wood provides good stability, vibrations are reduced to the minimum and the sweet spot increased. Offensive players who do not like compromises and need to make the most of their blade in all playing situations are guaranteed good ball feedback. The high-end fabric of this FORTINO variant is located under the surface layers and permits a harder service, you can play dynamic topspins with more penetrative power. The high-end fibre comes into its own in a game of block and counter and the penetration power of your strokes is extraordinary. Especially with regard to the different plastic balls and needs the realization of this wood took very long. The result is a next-generation attack wood and an ideal solution for offensive players, not only in professional sports. TIBHAR FORTINO – some blades simply nee..
TIBHAR LI QIAN 乒乓球板 削球板 The blade of the 2018 European Champion. 5-ply high quality Japanese defensive blade characterized by extraordinary balance and perfect control. The 5-ply allround combination offers optimal ball security and is perfectly suited to aggressive counter rallies. Perfect for the defensive player who needs total control in all situations. Racket shape size : 165 x 156 mm               ..
TIBHAR Samsonov Limited Edition 25 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Samsonov Limited Edition 25 乒乓球板 5木2碳         ..
TIBAHR Akkad 乒乓球板
TIBAHR Akkad 乒乓球板 The characteristics of this blade are based on traditional TIBHAR blade construction. This 7-ply offensive blade distinguishes itself by a high arc and impressive speed potential. AKKAD is obviously suited to plastic balls, increased ball arc and high trajectory. AKKAD is also a powerful blade which helps a very precise game close to the table and puts the opponent under pressure when playing topspin rallies. 7 Wood         ..
TIBAHR Kinetic Speed 乒乓球板
TIBAHR Kinetic Speed 乒乓球板 The secret of this blade lies in its unusual composition from synthetic fibres. They create an extraordinary sweet spot and an unsurpassed sensation when serving.  Perfect for an offensive game both at the table or at mid distance. Even in high speed rallies, KS Kinetic Speed is totally controllable. Reaching new heights, this high-quality blade combines lightness, flexibility and stability. 5 Wood + 2 Carbon Made in Japan       ..
TIBHAR Nuytinck Hybrid ZC 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Nuytinck Hybrid ZC 乒乓球板 This high-tech blade is composed of two layers of newly developed synthetic fibres making it ultra-light and stable, while at the same time conferring a very precise playing sensation. Cédric Nuytinck collaborated with our Tibhar experts in the development of this blade; his focus was to produce a 7 ply blade that he could use, that is dynamic and mid hard in feel. The innovative Nuytinck Hybrid ZC – extreme speed, catapult friendly and precision quality. 5 Ply + 2 Carbon     ..
TIBHAR E.lebesson 乒乓球板
TIBHAR E.lebesson 乒乓球板     ..
TIBHAR VS Unlimitied 乒乓球板
TIBHAR VS Unlimitied 乒乓球板 The VS unlimited wood supports the player due to the large sweet spot and the higher control associated with the offensive game. The combination of the high-tech synthetic fibers, low vibration, carbon fiber and its optimal transfer of energy, is perfect for a variable spin attack and topspin game from half distance. What stands out is clearly the optimal transfer of energy of your own strokes on the ball and the possibility to counter the offensive strokes of your opponent’s, with your own offensive strokes. This blade provides a good balance between hardness and sensation for an offensive game. 5-ply + 2 carbon fibers mix    ..
$1,130.00 $899.00
TIBHAR Balsa Allround 50 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Balsa Allround 50 乒乓球板   板層: 5層純木 ..
TIBHAR Balsa DEF 25 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Balsa DEF 25 乒乓球板   板層: 5層純木 ..
TIBHAR Balsa Fibre OFF 60 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Balsa Fibre OFF 60 乒乓球板   板層: 5 + 2 ..
TIBHAR Balsa FibreTec 75 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Balsa FibreTec 75 乒乓球板   板層: 5 ..
TIBHAR Drinkhall Allround Classic 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Drinkhall Allround Classic 乒乓球板 For a modern allround game there are several key ingredients necessary - a light balance, feeling, control and attacking potential. The 5 plys of ayous and lima woods are perfect for both experienced and developing players. Play a full range of strokes in total confidence.  板層: 5層純木 FL/ ST/ AN ..
TIBHAR Drinkhall Offensive Classic 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Drinkhall Offensive Classic 乒乓球板 A fast blade but with excellent feeling and designed for a traditional topspin game. The 5 wood plys undergo special seasoning to create a combination of consistency, power and feel. The Drinkhall Offensive Classic has a soft touch but with a good level of power transfer for quick reactive attacking play.    板層: 5層純木 FL/ ST/ AN ..
TIBHAR Drinkhall Power Spin Carbon 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Drinkhall Power Spin Carbon 乒乓球板 Paul's signature blade providing balance and power both at the table and at mid distance. Stable with tremendous control and touch when playing a short game, despite the requirement for high speed characteristics. The combination of high quality arylate carbon and special wood plys creates a fantastic sweet spot and elastic feel that helps enable him to maintain the upper hand in fast counter spin rallies.  板層: 5 + 2 ..
TIBHAR 陳建安 CCA 7 乒乓球板
TIBHAR 陳建安 CCA 7 乒乓球板   Named after the initials of the World Champion in double, CCA 7 convinces by its high potential of acceleration and speed. Although being a very fast blade, the serve remains soft. CCA 7 confers a lot of sensation and is very spin friendly. It opens the possibility to play hard undercut Topspins at the table and at half distance. The Chen Chien-An playing style corresponds to powerful Topspins and a backhand full of sensation. Adapted to a spin friendly and fast game.    板層: 7木 柄型: FL 橫板/ ST 橫板/ AN/ 直板 ..
TIBHAR 陳建安 CCA Unlimited 乒乓球板
TIBHAR 陳建安 CCA Unlimited 乒乓球板   The oversized sweet spot of CCA Unlimited confers the necessary amount of control in an offensive game. The fast acceleration potential of this wood is the result of the balanced combination of its carbon fibres with catapult friendly layers, even when playing a topspin game at half distance from the table, without losing the necessary stability when playing counter and block. Adapted to an offensive game with the perfect balance between hardness and sensation.     板層: 5木2碳 柄型: FL 橫板/ ST 橫板/ AN ..
$1,120.00 $990.00
TIBHAR Ronin 6 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Ronin 6 乒乓球板   Primarily we have designed Ronin 6 for a variable and offensive spin rich game. The integrated foam inlay in the handle makes this blade very special. Ball vibrations are more keenly felt in the players hand which optimises his response to the opponents strokes and improves feel and anticipation. Designed for an offensive top spin game both at the table or at half distance.    板層: 6木 ..
$550.00 $428.00
TIBHAR Ronin CB 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Ronin CB 乒乓球板   Ronin CB is a fast and offensive blade, the ideal weapon for the uncompromising attacking player. The carbon fibres guarantee the necessary stability and increase the sweet spot. We have integrated a new technology into the handle. S.AM - sensory amplifier - the player’s answer to his opponent’s shots. The intensity of feeling from this innovative design allows the player to respond instinctively giving improved shot selection and touch. The two outside soft veneers guarantee both sensation and acceleration; the carbon fibres give the right amount of balance and the Ayous centre veneer guarantees everything required for a direct and offensive game.    板層: 5木 + 2碳 ..
$790.00 $660.00
TIBHAR Allround Classic 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Allround Classic 乒乓球板 Light Allround blade of classical construction and an exceptional balance between speed, control and ball feeling thanks to the special arrangement of the plywood layers and their gluing. Ideal for Allround players who prefer lots of ball feeling during topspin with precise ball control during block and short exchanges. ..
TIBHAR Black Carbon 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Black Carbon 乒乓球板   Developed and conceived in collaboration with blade specialists from China and Korea, this stiff blade offers extreme acceleration possibilities and is based on a brand new carbon concept. This is a dexterous and lightweight blade design, which offers a new visual highlight due to its new carbon development and it optimises the speed factor especially for players who are no longer using speed glue but are eager to compensate for the loss of speed. It will be an ideal complement to TIBHAR‘s high-tech SPI and D.TecS technology rubber ranges.    板層: 5木 2碳 柄型: FL 橫板/ ST 橫板/ 直板   ..
TIBHAR Champ 乒乓球板
TIBHAR Champ 乒乓球板   TIBHAR Champ is the optimal blade for players preferring rigorous offensive games. This 4-ply wood represents a high-quality alternative for the beginner as well as for the experienced player although its price is very favourable.  板層: 4木  柄型: FL 橫板 ..
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