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Dr Neubauer EXPLOSION 生膠 正膠 乒乓球 套膠
Dr Neubauer EXPLOSION 生膠 正膠 乒乓球 套膠   EXPLOSION Short pimples with high speed, control and disruptive effect   Until now short and half-long pimple rubbers always came with a trade-off between speed and disruptive effect produced. EXPLOSION is a new type of short pimple rubber that combines both: The rubber enables to produce a very dynamic game through counter-attacking and hitting with all sponge thicknesses. At the same time a low bounce is created especially when used with thin sponge, resulting in direct mistakes by your opponent. Blocking will also produce a low trajectory unlike most other short pimple rubbers on the market. EXPLOSION does not only allow for classic blocking, but also for a "drop shot" that can be returned very short over the net. A slight forward movement while blocking will also cause trouble to your opponent as the ball literally "freezes" in the air. A thin sponge thickness of 1.2 or 1.5mm is naturally more effective for..
Dr Neubauer K.O. PRO 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠 半長膠
Dr Neubauer K.O. PRO 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠 半長膠   K.O. PRO The new disruptive weapon with half-long pimples   In addition to our existing half-long pimple rubber Dr.Neubauer K.O. we have developed a faster version named K.O. PRO. K.O. PRO enables to produce an even more dynamic game while counter-attacking and straight hitting. At the same time this new version also provides a bit more ""sinking effect" of the ball than the original version already has. This holds true for all active shots but also for passive blocking. This makes it a good alternative for players who enjoy using K.O. but need more speed to produce their attacking game, without any limitation in the disruptive effect obtained. K.O. PRO: The faster alternative for a highly disruptive pimple-out game     Category: Half-long pimples Colours: red +black     Speed: ..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer Pistol 2 正膠 乒乓球 套膠
Dr Neubauer Pistol 2 正膠 乒乓球 套膠   PISTOL 2 Great control, high dynamics, more disruptive effect   Our short pimple rubber PISTOL has been a best-seller since its launch in 2006 on account of its unique playing characteristics. This new version PISTOL 2 offers the same level of control and the same remarkable "soft touch". However we have adapted the rubber to the new plastic balls. PISTOL 2now produces more disruptive effect while blocking, counter-attacking and hitting, allowing for a dynamic and disruptive game with short pimples. Also we have managed to enhance the longevity of the rubber and to make it more consistent over time. PISTOL 2: The new short pimple alternative with speed, control and disruptive effect.    Category: Short pimples Colours: red +black     Speed: 100 Spin: 80 Control: ..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer K.O. 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠 半長膠
Dr Neubauer K.O. 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠 半長膠   K.O. Disruptive effect and control with half-long pimples   The new rubber K.O. comes in addition to our half-long pimple rubber AGGRESSORwhich we launched 2016. While AGGRESSOR is most effective while playing actively (active blocking, counter-attacking, hitting) the new K.O. also produces a distinctive disruptive effect with low bounce while blocking passively. Also K.O. provides great control, including and especially for service returning and pushing over the table. This makes K.O. a very effective half-long pimple rubber with great control.   Category: Half-long pimples Colours: red +black Sponge: 1.3 + 1.5 + 1.8 + 2.0mm Speed: 92 Spin: 81 Control: 94 ..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer NUGGET 生膠 正膠 乒乓球 套膠
Dr Neubauer NUGGET 生膠 正膠 乒乓球 套膠   The all-round alternative with short pimples   NUGGET is a highly versatile short pips rubber.  It is easy to use and provides excellent control at all levels, which makes it interesting for all short pimple players who need neither maximum speed nor strong disruptive effect. All classic short pimple techniques can be performed without any problem (blocking, counter-attacking hitting) including the so-called “dummy loop”. Also NUGGET produces quite a lot of spin while serving and pushing which makes it a good alternative for classical defense, too. Besides its versatility, the rubber’s most distinctive feature is the high level of control that it provides at any time. Available as from approximately early October 2017 with the sponge thickness 1.0, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0mm   Category: Short pimples Colours: red +black Sponge: 1...
$360.00 $218.00
Dr Neubauer Aggressor 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Dr Neubauer Aggressor 半長膠  The disruptive weapon with half-long pimples   AGGRESSOR is a completely new pimple-out development. Its outstanding playing characteristics are predominantly based on 2 particularities: To start with AGGRESSOR comes with a completely new pimple geometry. The pimples are just as long as those of long pimple rubbers thus producing considerable disruptive effect while blocking, counter-attacking and straight hitting. At the same time the ball is being "slowed down" for all passive strokes. This comes in very handy for blocking but also for service returning. Its second distinctive feature is the rubber formula used. It is similar to the one used for our short pimple rubbers KILLER and KILLER PRO however we have slightly altered it to fit the requirements of longer pimples. This results in a rubber that is easy to control and producing good disruptive effect throughout the game. Also it can be used for a variety of attacking shots such as..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer 新款 Killer Pro 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Dr Neubauer Killer Pro 乒乓球 生膠  The breakthrough for a fast, aggressive and disruptive game with short pimples Our short pimple rubber KILLER turned into a worldwide best-seller within the last 2 years. This new version named KILLER PRO comes with the same topsheet however it is laminated with a revolutionary new sponge. This slightly harder combination enables to keep the disruptive effect obtained through blocking, counter-attacking and hitting while reaching higher speed. Blocking will produce a low bouncing ball. The disruptive potential of this rubber is also being unveiled while playing actively. Counter-attacking and straight hitting will produce a ball that somewhat “skids” over the surface of the table. KILLER PRO enables to reach high speed thus producing a ball that is both very fast and low bouncing.  KILLER PRO: A great weapon for the aggressive game with short pimples! Speed: 98 Control: 92 Effect: 80 顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 ..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer 新款 Killer 生膠 乒乓球 套膠 長膠
Dr Neubauer Killer 乒乓球生膠  KILLER is an astonishing new development among offensive pimple-out rubbers. Actually it is a combination of short and medium pimpled rubbers that merges the best characteristics from both rubber types: KILLER provides very good attacking possibilities and is thus an outstanding choice for a modern pimple-out game close to the table. The rubber fulfills all necessary requirements for fast counter-attacking and strong hitting. The decisive factor is the disruptive effect obtained. The rubber is more disruptive than most other short pimple rubbers and produces a very low bounce. Control is excellent and enables the player to “feel” the ball at all times. All in all KILLER is hardly sensitive at all to oncoming rotation. The rubber can also be used for a modern chopping and attacking game with great control. This makes KILLER a “must-have” for most short and halflong pimple players! Speed: 94 Control: 80 Spin: 94   ..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer Diamant 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠 半長膠
全面型新型生膠、半長膠 Diamant的顆粒軟,配上特製的海綿,防守或進攻時控制都非常好。 這款套膠手感非常好,防守或者彈擊時,能使回球弧線非常低平,落台反彈後更低平,不往前走,會給你的對手造成極大的壓迫感。 Diamant可以輕鬆防守對方的弧圈球,而且起下旋非常容易,加力彈擊後球的弧線平直,基本上都可以直接得分。 Speed: 90 Control: 76 Spin: 78 DIAMANT: The allround rubber with disruptive effect   Dr Neubauer DIAMANT is a new half-long pimpled rubber.  It offers very good control for service returning, blocking, attacking and defending, thanks to its very soft pimples.  DIAMANT comes with a sponge that has been especially developed for it  This rubber produces a disruptive effect in particular while blocking and straight hitting since the ball is hit very flat and tends to stay low after the bounce.  With a 1.5, 1.8 and 2.1 mm sponge, DIAMANT enables you to produce a dynamic attacking game, putting pressure on your opponent with counter-attacking, lifting and smashing.  DIAMANT is particularly effective for attacking against chopped balls: Any backspin can be lifted very easil..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer Leopard 花豹 專業 乒乓球 生膠 套膠
德國Dr. Neubauer 專業顆粒膠, 超級怪異的顆粒膠,破壞對手的進攻,令對手無所適從!  這款生膠非常考驗你的對手,在防守弧圈或者扣殺時都能具有極強的威脅,回球下沉,而且飄忽。 防守、彈擊、拉球都可以運用自如,而且控制極好,實為最強的武器。 Speed: 88 Control: 75 Spin: 78 ..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer Pistol 槍擊 專業 乒乓球 生膠 套膠
德國Dr. Neubauer 專業顆粒膠, 超級怪異的顆粒膠,破壞對手的進攻,令對手無所適從!  Speed: 100 Control: 90 Spin: 82 Thanks to a new production technique, PISTOL is much faster and powerful than traditional short pimpled rubbers, even without the use of speed glue. This short pimpled rubber produces a game with unbelievable dynamics and extremely fast attacking shots, especially for straight hitting and fast looping. You can reach an enormous amount of speed with a short and fast stroke. Moreover the rubber produces a decisive disturbing effect since the ball is very flat and “falls down” while blocking or hitting. PISTOL also facilitates lifting, producing enough rotation to attack effectively on chopped balls or counter-attacks in order to prepare the decisive shot. With PISTOL you can hit very hard on chopped balls and even on slow topspins, it even enables fast counter-spinning over the table against topspin. Despite its extreme speed PISTOL also offers an astonishing control that pro..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer Terminator 乒乓球 套膠 正膠
Dr Neubauer Terminator 乒乓球正膠  TERMINATOR  The other kind of pimple-out rubber    TERMINATOR is different than all other rubbers on the market. TERMINATOR comes with short pimples and is available exclusively with textile reinforcement (no sponge) underneath. The rubber produces a disruptive float ball while blocking passively, while it bounces very low and “goes down” when performing aggressive blocking. TERMINATOR enables a very dynamic and efficient game while playing against chopped balls. It can also be used to produce a fast “dummy loop”. Also the ball bounces very low while counter-attacking and straight hitting. This rubber requires some practise hours however it will then enable you to produce a very effective allround type of game with disruptive effect. ..
$360.00 $215.00
Dr Neubauer Tornado Ultra 龍捲風 專業 乒乓球 正膠 套膠
德國Dr. Neubauer 專業顆粒膠, 超級怪異的顆粒膠,破壞對手的進攻,令對手無所適從!  極強的旋轉和速度 集防守、攻擊、扣殺、拉球為一體的高性能正膠 回球飄忽下沉、控制極好 正膠能製造極強的旋轉和驚人的速度,而且控制非常出色,給你的對手造成極大的壓力,經常可以一擊致命。 Speed: 100 Control: 72 Spin: 86   Enormous spin and speed Very dynamic rubber for blocking and hitting as well as counter-attacking and topspin Wobbling balls for your opponents and an excellent control This innovation is a milestone for short pimple rubbers. With Dr Neubauer TORNADO ULTRA you will reach new dimensions of rotation with short pimples. It produces enormous spin and tremendous speed, while having a disturbing effect for your opponent. Control is excellent at the same time. This short pimple rubber is an outstanding weapon for blocking and counter-attacking as well as killing and topspin. ..
$360.00 $215.00
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