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Dr Neubauer JACKPOT 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer JACKPOT 乒乓球 底板 JACKPOT is a decisive enhancement for many long pimple or Anti-Spin players. The blade comes with a perfectly balanced plywood composition and a new lamination procedure, ensuring excellent results when used with pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubbers. Both the spin reversal obtained while blocking with frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers and the wobbly ball produced by long pimples set a new benchmark: The speed of the ball can be reduced considerably thus ensuring maximum effectiveness with special rubbers. JACKPOT does not consist of balsa yet offers formidable control. On top of that it provides good attacking possibilities with reversed rubbers so that both an active and highly disruptive game can be produced with any type of pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubber on the other side. JACKPOT is an outstanding blade - Find out for yourself! ..
Dr Neubauer Matador Texa 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Matador Texa 乒乓球 底板   The new offensive weapon for pimple-out/Anti-Spin rubbers   Our existing MATADOR has proven to be a highly effective OFF- blade for pimple-out and Anti-Spin players. The new MATADOR TEXA is based on a similar plywood composition yet we have enhanced it with selected fiber material to reach a total of 9 plies. This results in a slightly faster blade with high power for a modern offensive game. Both fast topspin shots and high-rotation loop balls can be performed without any problem. At the same time MATADOR TEXA is highly effective in combination with pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubbers. The blade produces a low bounce both while blocking passively and while chop-blocking aggressively with long pimples. Just like with our existing MATADOR, maximum spin reversal can be produced while blocking with our frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers. Despite the high speed of the blade it allows for very short blo..
Dr Neubauer World Champion Carbon 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer World Champion Carbon 乒乓球 底板  This enhanced version of our popular OFF- blade WORLD CHAMPION comes with 2 additional layers of carbon fiber. This makes the blade a bit stiffer so that an even more powerful and precise topspin game can be produced. Control remains surprisingly high on account of a special heat treatment. Also the blade still provides quite a soft "feeling" despite the use of carbon. The stability gained by the use of fiber material also makesWORLD CHAMPION CARBON a formidable weapon for use with special rubbers, both for attacking with fast pimple-out rubbers and for blocking with slow long pips or Anti-Spin rubbers. WORLD CHAMPION CARBON: The new preferred choice for a modern attacking game with any kind of rubber   ..
Dr Neubauer Matador 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Matador 乒乓球 底板  MATADOR: The new offensive blade for use with pimple-out/Anti-Spin    This new development has been conceived for players using pimple-out or Anti-Spin rubbers that have a preference for fast blades, yet require a high level of control and disruptive effect.  The special plywood composition of MATADOR provides astounding power for a modern attacking game. Fast topspin shots as well as looping with a lot of rotation are both very easy to perform.  It is one of the very few OFF blades on the market that also produce a distinctive disruptive effect when used with pimple-out or Anti-Spin rubbers.  Most importantly this blade produces the low bounce that all pimple-out or Anti-Spin players are traditionally looking for. This holds true while blocking passively with long pimples as well as for chop-blocking close to the table.  When used with offensive pips-out rubbers this blade provides all you need for a pow..
$590.00 $410.00
(本月特價) Dr Neubauer Gladiator 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer High Technology Plus 乒乓球 底板  GLADIATOR: Maximum effectiveness for blocking close to the table  This blade has been developed for use with rubbers such as Anti-Spin, long pimples and short pimples. It has a normal size and a special plywood composition without balsa. GLADIATOR offers a very good control and produces a maximum of disruptive effect while blocking close to the table. Above all it enables you to block the ball very short and low over the net. Even powerful topspin shots can be returned short very easily, the ball bouncing very low on the other side of the table. Also you can return fast services very easily with Anti-Spin or long pimples in order to deceive your opponent’s third ball attack. GLADIATOR offers therefore an ideal symbiosis of Anti-Spin and the blade. At the same time the ball can be accelerated dynamically through counter-attacking, topspin and hitting, both with reversed rubbers and offensive pimples. The blade..
$780.00 $600.00
Dr Neubauer Barricade DEF 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Barricade DEF 乒乓球 底板  BARRICADE DEF: A defensive blade with excellent control    This blade has been conceived for all players defending away from the table.  BARRICADE DEF is also very effective for short blocking close to the table. Especially those players using long pimples and seeking a slow blade for maximum spin reversal will be enchanted by BARRICADE DEF.  It enables very safe and yet dangerous chopping thanks to its relatively slow speed.  BARRICADE DEF offers an excellent control and outstanding effectiveness for all rubber types: Maximum spin reversal can be reached when used with long pimples. With reversed rubbers or short pimples you can reach high rotation while chopping with BARRICADE DEF.  On top of this you can attack through looping or hitting in order to confuse your opponent.  To sum it up BARRICADE DEF provides an optimal balance between control an..
$398.00 $398.00
Dr Neubauer Bull Dog 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Bull Dog 乒乓球底板! Bull Dog 是一款相對快一點的全面型底板,它的特點取決於新型的合板材料 當使用長膠或者防弧膠的時候,可以降低球速,使回球非常近網,而且具有極強的反旋轉效果;當撞擊或拉球時,它回球速度非常快,給對手致命一擊 當使用半長膠(生膠)的時候,彈擊基本一拍致命;當使用反膠的時候,無論是近台還是中台,它都成為強而有力的弧圈武器 它的新型材料,雖然板身較輕,但是控制手感極佳,可用於進攻或者防守   BULLDOG: Our development with high disruptive effect and dynamic attacking possibilities    BULLDOG is a relatively fast Allround blade that provides two decisive characteristics thanks to a new plywood composition: When playing with long pimples or Anti-Spin rubbers the ball is being slowed down to a great extent. This way the ball can be returned very short over the net. This produces maximum disruption and spin reversal. At the same time the ball can be accelerated through aggressive pushing and lifting with this type of rubber, even counter-attacking is possible. Deadly shots can be produced while straight hitting with short or half-long pips whereas BULLDOG becomes a powerful weapon for topspin with fast inver..
$590.00 $380.00
Dr Neubauer Combination Effect 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Combination Effect 乒乓球 底板  COMBINATION EFFECT: The new weapon for combination bat players    Dr. Neubauer COMBINATION EFFECT offers playing characteristics for which combination bat players have been waiting a long time. This exclusive special development from the renowned blade expert Achim Rendler has been created to offer different speed values on the two sides of the blade by the use of a unique plywood composition. One side has a low rebound coefficient, so that the ball is slowed down. This allows returning short over the net, with a maximum spin reversal when blocking with frictionless long pimples. The trajectory is very low in order to prevent the opponent from immediately attacking it. At the same time even float balls can be attacked with frictionless long pimples through aggressive pushing and counter-attacking. The other side is faster so that the ball can be attacked forcefully by the use of offensive rubbers. COMBINATION EFFE..
$1,220.00 $1,220.00
Dr Neubauer Firewall Plus 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Firewall Plus 乒乓球底板! 最暢銷的全面型底板,具有出色的控制性能 防火牆Firewall Plus 底板可以自如地擊打或者摩擦增強球的速度或旋轉 這款底板在被動的防守中也能提供極好的手感 使用長膠時可以輕鬆地控制來球,回球反旋轉效果明顯,偶爾用長膠進攻時威脅非常大   FIREWALL PLUS: Our best-selling allround blade    This enhancement of our best-selling allround blade has a slightly modified plywood composition and still offers an excellent control.  FIREWALL PLUS enables a dynamic offensive game with reversed rubbers or short pimples. The ball can be accelerated easily for both hitting and looping thanks to its balsa core.  This blade also offers a very good feeling for all passive strokes. It produces high spin reversal and fast attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing or lifting when used with long pimples. ..
$590.00 $390.00
Dr Neubauer Hercules 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Hercules 乒乓球 底板  HERCULES is “the” new benchmark for combination blades. It is made of a unique plywood composition which includes – among others – the legendary Kiso-Hinoki wood and a new type of artificial fiber. HERCULES is a match for pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubber of any type. It is the downright perfect weapon for highly disruptive balls while blocking close to the table, the ball can be returned very short and tends to “dive” considerably. This “allround“ blade also comes with a very good control that provides an excellent feeling for the ball at all times. The blade can also be used for strong hitting and fast looping with offensive rubbers to put pressure on your opponent. HERCULES: A real poison for your opponent! ..
$1,398.00 $988.00
Dr Neubauer High Technology Plus 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer High Technology Plus 乒乓球 底板  高科技加大底板:具有極好控制的攻擊武器 High Technology Plus 攻擊型底板,在進攻的時間擁有極好的控制和手感 High Technology Plus 底板配合長膠使用時能輕鬆運用進攻技術;在防守中也能非常輕鬆地防住對方高質量的弧圈球 配置反膠、正膠或者生膠來拉弧圈或攻擊,本底板也可以產生驚人的速度和攻擊力   This second generation of our offensive blade offers a very good control for all strokes. A new glueing technique together with the already existing handle made of Balsa produce an even better feeling for the ball.  HIGH TECHNOLOGY PLUS enables very effective attacking with long pimples through pushing, lifting and even counter-attacking. The ball can be returned safely while blocking. At the same time this blade offers a very good acceleration and tremendous speed for attacking through hitting and looping with both reversed rubbers and short pimples.  Find out for yourself.   ..
$890.00 $580.00
Dr Neubauer Kung Fu 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Kung Fu 乒乓球 底板  KUNG FU  Maximum effectiveness and very good control with pimples-out and Anti-Spin rubbers   KUNG FU is our new development for combination bat player. The blade does - not - consist of Balsa wood. KUNG FU was specially optimised for use with our Anti-Spin and pimpled-out rubbers. It produces a very good spin reversal and disruptive effect since the ball can be returned very short and low over the net while blocking on topspin. KUNG FU is a bit softer and offers a slightly better control than our existing combination blade GLADIATOR however it also enables to produce a game that is just as effective. On the other side KUNG FU can be used for powerful attacking shots through hitting or looping (topspin). KUNG FU: The new weapon for Anti-Spin and pimpled-out rubbers   ..
$448.00 $448.00
Dr Neubauer Phenomenon 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Phenomenon 乒乓球 底板  PHENOMENON is our second new development in the field of combination blades. It is also characterised by a highly disruptive effect when used with pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubbers. The blade produces a very low bounce while blocking with the corresponding rubber thus making it difficult for the opponent to launch his next attack. The other excellent feature of this blade is its control. PHENOMENON not only provides modern combination bat players with the required effectiveness while blocking close to the table, but also with a superb feeling for the ball. This way a both disruptive and consistent game can be produced close to the table. This allround blade also comes with enough speed for attacking shots such as counter-attacking, hitting and looping (topspin). PHENOMENON: The new symbiosis of disruptive effect and control! ..
$690.00 $440.00
Dr Neubauer Special 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Special 乒乓球 底板  SPECIAL: The magical blade yet improved  4th generation available!    Maximum disturbing effects and very short blocking when used with long pimples Excellent touch thanks to the Balsa handle The allround blade enables easy and disturbing counter-attacking, pushing and lifting with long pimples High speed for sudden attacking strokes such as looping or hitting Outstanding control and ability to switch very rapidly to deadly attacking strokes. With this 4th generation of our outstanding Dr Neubauer SPECIAL blade we have yet again managed to improve the excellent playing characteristics of this product. This exclusive special development from the renowned blade expert Achim Rendler still offers absolutely superb control thanks to its unique construction. It also provides dynamic attacking possibilities: This blade enables you to easily produce high speed and a lot of spin for all attacking strokes..
$1,198.00 $1,198.00
Dr Neubauer Titan 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer Titan 乒乓球 底板  TITAN: The new benchmark for pips-out and Anti-Spin rubbers: Devastating disruptive effect, powerful attacking possibilities    TITAN is a milestone in the development of combination blades since several essential characteristics have been combined for the first time: TITAN provides devastating disruptive effect with long pimples and Anti-Spin rubbers. Despite the use of balsa wood the speed on the backhand side has been extremely reduced. This way the ball can be returned short and low over the net  Nevertheless the ball can be accelerated quite effectively through aggressive pushing, lifting and counter-attacking. On the other side the ball can be accelerated very forcefully. The blade offers dynamic attacking possibilities both with pips-out rubbers (counter-attacking, hitting) and with inverted rubbers for a powerful topspin game with a lot of spin. Another decisive characteristic of this blade manufactured by Re-Impact ..
$1,200.00 $1,200.00
Dr Neubauer World Champion 乒乓球 底板
Dr Neubauer World Champion 乒乓球底板! World Champion 世界冠軍是進攻型比賽的武器,無論使用顆粒膠還是防弧膠,它都能產生驚人的破壞力 World Champion OFF-的底板在近台或者中台,無論是彈擊還是拉球都能產生非常好的攻擊效果。 同時對於使用顆粒膠和防弧膠的球友來說是個非常理想的選擇,它防守時回球近網而且非常低平 World Champion 是喜歡強烈攻擊型選手使用的新型武器   Our new blade WORLD CHAMPION offers two outstanding playing characteristics: This fast OFF- blade enables to produce a highly dynamic attacking game through hitting and looping (topspin), both close to the table and from mid-distance. At the same time WORLD CHAMPION is an excellent choice for combination bat players using pimples out or Anti-Spin rubbers. The ball can be returned very short and low over the net while blocking. A very good spin reversal can be produced while blocking with our Anti-Spin rubbers. WORLD CHAMPION is relatively stiff and does – not – consist of balsa wood. However the blade offers quite a soft “feeling” and an outstanding control thanks to a special heat treatment. WORLD CHAMPION: The new development fo..
$590.00 $398.00
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