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套膠 Rubbers
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Sauer & Tröger Super Stop 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Super Stop 防弧 乒乓球 套膠   With this slow and low-friction antitop-rubber you will have control which you cannot top. Rotation gets neutralised and passive balls can be played back extremely safe. Also attacking shots can be played easy. Tip: even when you do not play with an antitop rubber this one can be interesting. For example when you do not feel safe enough with your pimples or with your frictionless antitop-rubber or when you produce too many mistakes. Speed: 43 Control: 108 Spin: 41 Hardness: soft+ Characteristics: DEF+/ALL ..
Sauer & Tröger Easy P 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Easy P 長膠 乒乓球 套膠   After we have successfully introduced our special rubbers for pimple players, we are proud to present another long pimple rubber – called Easy P, the “easy to play pimples”. The Easy P will set new standards in the long pimple strategy for every player that likes to play close to the table. ..
Sauer & Tröger Hass 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Hass 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠   Why is your opponent so despondent? That angry look can only be because of another unplayable shot with your S&T Hass! ..
Sauer & Tröger Hellfire 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Hellfire 長膠 乒乓球 套膠   Since imposing the ban of using the frictionless long pimples, the effect of slow pimples has been negated. HELLFIRE – produced by long pimple experts Sauer&Tröger; is slow, dangerous and it makes game a living HELL for your opponent. ..
Sauer & Tröger Hipster 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Hipster 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠   It mixes the positive characteristics of both short and long-pimple rubbers and is an optimal allrounder. ..
Sauer & Tröger Schmerz 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Schmerz 長膠 乒乓球 套膠   That hurts!!! Your opponent destroys his bat after putting another of your shots with S&T Schmerz deep into the net. You don’t need to be happy at your opponents despair but you can celebrate your own success! ..
Sauer & Tröger Secret Flow Chop 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Secret Flow Chop 乒乓球 套膠   Mysterious. Graceful. Dangerous. In developing the SECRET FLOW CHOP rubber a new type of topsheet has been combined with a unique sponge to allow your table tennis to really begin to flow. In the top sheet you will discover a table tennis rubber which offers enhanced speed, spin, and game control. The specially developed synthetic rubber surface brings true high performance to the top sheet and this combined with the high quality innovative medium hard “SC- sponge” creates a wonderful but deadly combination. High performance and maximum grip are achieved in every shot. When you impart backspin the amount of deceptive topspin developed is highly dangerous to your opponent. Chopping near the table, and defensive shots away from the table can be played effortlessly because of the high control. Speed: 84 Control: 97 Spin: 100+ Hardness: medium Characteristics: DEF/AR The special “SC sponge..
Sauer & Tröger Zargus 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Sauer & Tröger Zargus 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠   S&T Zargus is a wide short pimple providing a consistent balance for both: attacking and passive shots. Zargus offers maximum control combined with a high disruptive effect and makes it easy to place the ball precisely. ..
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