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底板 Blades
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Der-materialspezialist 2-Faces 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist 2-Faces 乒乓球 底板 With 2- FACES, we present you an exclusive, handmade table tennis COMBI wood with unique playing characteristics.  Thanks to a new production method, we succeeded in the backhand side of this wood almost completely decouple.  This causes the ball is in the passive game extremely strongly braked to play with LONG PIMPLES and ANTI coverings extra short ball racks on offensive shots.  In addition, the extra hard backhand outer veneer for an extremely flat ball bounce ensures something for every enemy attackers is a real challenge. The forehand dominated by strong catapult unfolding with simultaneous massive spin development and allows a quick direct point win by hitting and looping. 2 FACES : BECAUSE table tennis has many faces !     ..
Der-materialspezialist STAR-LIGHT 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist STAR-LIGHT 乒乓球 底板 der-materialspezialist STAR-LIGHT is a hand made, extremely light, top class allround blade.  The extremely light weight of only ~47 grams  can only be achieved by hand selecting each veneer-ply and weighing it. Also the gluing and assembly of the blade is done by hand. Despite its low weight, STAR-LIGHT has normal blade dimensions and grip plates made of cedarwood. STAR-LIGHT is a unusually versatile blade and suitable for all playing types, that appreciate a perfect feel for the ball and excelling control properties. When used with antispin oder pimpled rubbers, this unique blade allows for perfect precision and is very forgiving when a player is forced to perform a shot unaccurately.   Thanks to a 6 mm balsa core , STAR-LIGHT has capacities for massive acceleration when playing offensive shots. For inverted and short/medium pimples enough power can be unleash..
Der-materialspezialist THE WALL 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist THE WALL 乒乓球 底板 With the new defensive-blade der-materialspezialist THE WALL we have succeeded in creating a stunner for defensive players. THE WALL is a speed reduced, symmetrically constructed and highly controllable standout blade, for all types of players that utilize maximum rotation and highest control in their playing style. Especially when dealing with the new generation of plastic balls this blade ensures longer contact of the ball and therefore more rotation. This ensures advantages for classical defensive players and also from the half-distance. But disruptive players at the table that require the best control and a slightly enlarged blade too, will find their match with THE WALL. Short stop-blocks and perfect placement on the base and sideline are the further assets of this defensive blade. THE WALL however still has enough speed for high rotation attacks and surprising shots.  Due to highest construction a..
Der-materialspezialist TROUBLE 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist TROUBLE 乒乓球 底板 With der-materialspezialist TROUBLE we are expanding our assortment of amazing game disrupting blades. This slow allround blade offers everything you need for a disruptive and effective playing style close to the table with pimples or anti. But TROUBLE has one unique property that differentiates it from all our other blades:   The more offensive the opponent plays, the shorter and lower/ wobbly the ball trajectory gets!   Especially when blocking the opponents loops, short and flat returns are produced.   Also when playing offensive strokes with TROUBLE a disruptive trajectory is created including a catapulteffect for speed, hard hits and spinny loops.    Due to the balanced speed, the control properties are stellar.   TROUBLE: Trouble for your opponent!     Speed:  74 74 Control: 96 96 Weight ca. (g): 66 Characteristics: Allround Layers: 5 s..
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