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Der-materialspezialist SCANDAL 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist SCANDAL 防弧 乒乓球 套膠 With our newest slick anti-spin development der-materialspezialist SCANDAL we set the current limits for control and spin reversal. The opponents spin is transformed into massive backspin. Due to the utillization of a new rubber compound SCANDAL reaches a never priorly achieved slow speed and creates scandalously short blocks even when the opponent makes hard loops and hits. Additionally the ball hereby has a downward trajectory and thereby creates a flutter effect when the opponent adds rotation to the ball. SCANDAL offers highest control values and extremely reduced angle dependency when dealing with no/low rotation balls.   SCANDAL: Extreme spinreversal, scandalous low trajectory, combinded with sensational flutter effect balls and highest control values. The highest disruptive effect and the best spin reversal you get with SCANDAL in 0,9mm. The 1,5 mm version is the slowest.Th..

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Der-materialspezialist ELITE LONG 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist ELITE LONG 長膠 乒乓球 套膠   der-materialspezialist ELITE LONG is an ingenious long pimple rubber for the disruptional play close to the table but also for classical defense. As with all of our rubbers, this exceptional development has been optimized for the new generation of plastic balls. The low rotation values of the new plastic ball generation are compensated with blocks with a very low trajectory and sinking/subducting effect. Moreover ELITE LONG offers optimized offensive gameplay and the sensitivity to incoming spin has been reduced substantially. With ELITE LONG we have used a new type of slow dampening sponge for the first time. This prolongs the contact time with the ball and allows the player to create a high amount of spin when using the pimple for active defensive strokes. ELITE LONG: Welcome to the elite of long pimple players!   ..
Der-materialspezialist FIRESTORM SOFT 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist FIRESTORM SOFT 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠 Our short pimple rubber FIRESTORM has quickly become an utter bestseller due to its unique properties. With the new version FIRESTORM SOFT, we combine the outstanding revolutionary top sheet with a modern soft power sponge. Due to the longer ball dwell time of this new combination, we managed to increase the spin properties to the upper limit. Due to the slightly decreased speed, the control values too are increased. The high disruptional effect when hitting and blocking is unchanged and the blocks continue to create a low trajectory sinking effect. FIRESTORM SOFT: Highest benchmarks for offensive play with short pimples.     ..
Der-materialspezialist TRANSFORMER EXTRA SLOW 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist TRANSFORMER EXTRA SLOW 防弧 乒乓球 套膠 Our slick ANTI SPIN rubber TRANSFORMER belongs to the best selling slick antis on the market since its release, due to its extreme properties.  This new version TRANSFORMER EXTRA SLOW combines the excelling slick and dangerous top rubber with the high-tech sponge of our REFLECTION ANTI. This new version of TRANSFORMER thus maintains high control values and combines this with the highest disruptional effect and spin reversal. The sponge creates tremendous speed absorption and creates even shorter blocks which destroy the opponents strategy. The opponent will be forced into playing passively which can be answered  with aggressive pushes, attacks and side swipes. TRANSFORMER EXTRA SLOW: Maximum control and vicious disruptional effect with slick ANTI. ..
Der-materialspezialist FIRESTORM 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist FIRESTORM 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠 With FIRESTORM der-materialspezialist combines a new type of top rubber with  an extremely fast sponge with catapult and maximum speed glue effect. The rubber offers sensational catapult and thus the ability to really „hit through" the ball. The unique structure of the short pimple geometry and the smooth pimple heads ensure both disruptional effect, flat ball trajectory and insensitivity to incoming spin. Despite the high speed values, the rubber offers great control, especially when blocking. FIRESTORM: Very explosive short pimples for no-holds-barred offensive play with deadly hits.   ..
Der-materialspezialist KAMIKAZE 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist KAMIKAZE 長膠 乒乓球 套膠   KAMIKAZE is a revolutionary new development in the realm of long pimples and like all our products is designed for the new plastic ball. Due to very long and wide pimples that also stand apart broadly from each other, KAMIKAZE produces a very flat ball trajectory and sinking effect on the opponents side of the table. This new disruption rubber offers great control when blocking and counter hitting and is very insensitive to incoming spin. When playing actively and also when playing classic defense away from the table, KAMIKAZE produces a „bouncing effect" which causes wobbly trajectories.  When attacking, the rubber creates a catapult effect that is unpredictable for the opponent and is strengthened by the fact that the rubber itself produces spin. KAMIKAZE: Extreme disruptional catapult-wobble effect and sensational defensive play. ..
Der-materialspezialist POWER-PIPES 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist POWER-PIPES 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠 POWER PIPES is a new offensive medium pimples rubber with high catapult properties and offers high disruption. POWER PIPES allows offensive counter hit, block and attack play and creates unpredictable, flat and disruptional trajectories. It also enables pseudo-loops and deadly hits. Even when playing passively the trajectory is very flat and very disruptional. The combination of a new power sponge and the smooth pimple heads allows for sensational control. POWER PIPES: The ultimate medium pimple rubber for aggressive offensive play.   ..
Der-materialspezialist REFFLECTION 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist REFFLECTION 防弧 乒乓球 套膠 With the REFLECTION Anti der-materialspezialist combines an outstanding smooth topsheet with an extremely slow damping sponge. This sensational new invention enables short blocking and short disruptional play directly at the table. The extremely slow speed along with the extreme spin reversal and the disturbing trajectories is a deadly combination. The hardest shots and topspins can be blocked easily as a short block, just after the net, even by just holding the bat against the ball. You can even play dangerous pressed sideway swipe balls as disruptional  offensive shots. Due to the very slow dampening sponge, the control values are extremely high. REFLECTION: Maximum speed absorption combined with extreme spin reversal and highest disruption.   The highest disruptive effect and the best spin reversal you get with REFLECTION in 0,9mm. The 1,5 mm version is the slowest.The 1,2mm vers..
Der-materialspezialist TURTLE TWISTER SOFT 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist TURTLE TWISTER SOFT 乒乓球 套膠 The TURTLE TWISTER SOFT enhances the extreme spin creating surface of the rubber through an even softer sponge. Through the even longer contact and dwelling time of the ball and the rubber the modern defensive player can create even higher degrees of spin and it also amplifies the control properties precision and feel for the ball. TURTLE TWISTER SOFT: Defensive play on the highest level.   ..
Der-materialspezialist 2-Faces 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist 2-Faces 乒乓球 底板 With 2- FACES, we present you an exclusive, handmade table tennis COMBI wood with unique playing characteristics.  Thanks to a new production method, we succeeded in the backhand side of this wood almost completely decouple.  This causes the ball is in the passive game extremely strongly braked to play with LONG PIMPLES and ANTI coverings extra short ball racks on offensive shots.  In addition, the extra hard backhand outer veneer for an extremely flat ball bounce ensures something for every enemy attackers is a real challenge. The forehand dominated by strong catapult unfolding with simultaneous massive spin development and allows a quick direct point win by hitting and looping. 2 FACES : BECAUSE table tennis has many faces !     ..
Der-materialspezialist ANTI-SPEED 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist ANTI-SPEED 防弧 乒乓球 套膠 With ANTI-SPEED der-materialspezialist unites the effectivity of a classic anti-top rubber with the energy of a new power sponge.   The new sponge creates a dangerous ANTI-TOP rubber perfect for offensive defensive play and aggresive counter hit game. Through the low amount of grip on the surface ANTI-SPEED neutralises even the strongest incoming spin due to the perfect combination of the sponge and rubber producing stellar control properties.   Beyond that ANTI-SPEED allows for dangerous and effective offensive play and confuses the opponent with unexpected no spin and spin balls.   ANTI-SPEED: The aggressive spin killer! ..
Der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC 防弧 乒乓球 套膠 der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC: The new generation of frictionless disruptive rubbers is unleashed!   With der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC unites the extreme spin reversal of a slick anti with the disruptive effect of long pimples. DIABOLIC creates blocks with extremely low and disruptive trajectory that are previously only known from long pimples.   A newly developed and world wide unique soft dampening sponge allows maximal speed absorption and thus unmatched control properties.   DIABOLIC: Devilish disruptive effects combined with perfect spinreversal! The best spinreversal and the highest disruptive effect you will get with DIABOLIC 1,0 mm.  The 1,6 mm version is the slowest. ..
Der-materialspezialist OUTKILL 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist Outkill 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠 OUTKILL combines a new type of rubber with a soft and explosive sponge which has a built in glue-effect.   This new short pimple enables all offensive strokes in a very efficient and perlious way against the opponent including a perfect counter hit and block game when playing more passively with perfect precision.   Despite the enormous speed OUTKILL offers great control due to its soft sponge which is very forgiving and thus enhances the control.   OUTKILL: For pressuring counter hits blocks and aggressive offensive shots.   ..
Der-materialspezialist STAR-LIGHT 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist STAR-LIGHT 乒乓球 底板 der-materialspezialist STAR-LIGHT is a hand made, extremely light, top class allround blade.  The extremely light weight of only ~47 grams  can only be achieved by hand selecting each veneer-ply and weighing it. Also the gluing and assembly of the blade is done by hand. Despite its low weight, STAR-LIGHT has normal blade dimensions and grip plates made of cedarwood. STAR-LIGHT is a unusually versatile blade and suitable for all playing types, that appreciate a perfect feel for the ball and excelling control properties. When used with antispin oder pimpled rubbers, this unique blade allows for perfect precision and is very forgiving when a player is forced to perform a shot unaccurately.   Thanks to a 6 mm balsa core , STAR-LIGHT has capacities for massive acceleration when playing offensive shots. For inverted and short/medium pimples enough power can be unleash..
Der-materialspezialist THE WALL 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist THE WALL 乒乓球 底板 With the new defensive-blade der-materialspezialist THE WALL we have succeeded in creating a stunner for defensive players. THE WALL is a speed reduced, symmetrically constructed and highly controllable standout blade, for all types of players that utilize maximum rotation and highest control in their playing style. Especially when dealing with the new generation of plastic balls this blade ensures longer contact of the ball and therefore more rotation. This ensures advantages for classical defensive players and also from the half-distance. But disruptive players at the table that require the best control and a slightly enlarged blade too, will find their match with THE WALL. Short stop-blocks and perfect placement on the base and sideline are the further assets of this defensive blade. THE WALL however still has enough speed for high rotation attacks and surprising shots.  Due to highest construction a..
Der-materialspezialist TROUBLE 乒乓球 底板
Der-materialspezialist TROUBLE 乒乓球 底板 With der-materialspezialist TROUBLE we are expanding our assortment of amazing game disrupting blades. This slow allround blade offers everything you need for a disruptive and effective playing style close to the table with pimples or anti. But TROUBLE has one unique property that differentiates it from all our other blades:   The more offensive the opponent plays, the shorter and lower/ wobbly the ball trajectory gets!   Especially when blocking the opponents loops, short and flat returns are produced.   Also when playing offensive strokes with TROUBLE a disruptive trajectory is created including a catapulteffect for speed, hard hits and spinny loops.    Due to the balanced speed, the control properties are stellar.   TROUBLE: Trouble for your opponent!     Speed:  74 74 Control: 96 96 Weight ca. (g): 66 Characteristics: Allround Layers: 5 s..
Der-materialspezialist B.A.D. - BEST ANTI DEFENCE 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist B.A.D. - BEST ANTI DEFENCE 防弧 乒乓球 套膠 Riblets are a type of surface geometry that cause a reduction of frictional resistance on surfaces with friction. The surface geometry of riblets for example can be found on the scales of sharks.  We have been inspired by this phenomenon and have incorporated it in our new antispin rubber B.A.D Best Anti Defence in a globally unique manufacturing process. The result is unique and amazing:  In the ralley, the incoming rotation is preserved, but the dreaded angle dependency with balls with little rotation is nearly eradicated entirely. This results in virtually perfect control. This unique anti-spin rubber also enables relentless attacks on all types of spin and no-spin balls. B.A.D. Best Anti Defence is available in red and black with 0.7mm, 1.1mm or 1.5mm absorption sponge. The 1.5mm version is the slowest.       顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : 0.7mm/ 1.1mm/ 1.5mm ..
Der-materialspezialist BREAKOUT 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist BREAKOUT 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠 BREAKOUT stands out with its broad and short pimples that create a unique combination of high control and maximum possible disruptional effect when blocking and during rallies. When blocking passively an unpleasant no-spin ball is returned, whilst when played actively, the ball trajectory is so low, that the opponent is bound to return the ball into the net. BREAKOUT enables psyeudo-loop shots and hart hits that enable an offensive style whilst simultaneously confusing the opponent. Also defensive players that disrupt or play classical defense will be amazed by the characteristics of this modern short pimple rubber.  BREAKOUT: Unpredictably aggressive whilst maintaining high control.   顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : 1.5mm/ 1.8mm/ 2.0mm   ..
Der-materialspezialist BURNOUT 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist BURNOUT 正膠 生膠 乒乓球 套膠  BURNOUT is a newly developed rubber for a powerfull offensive oriented  game with short pimples. The soft speed sponge has a strong built-in speed glue effect and already generates high spin and speed values with short and quick arm movements. Despite the high speed, its unique surface structure enables, precise ball placement and maximum control during counter ralleys and when blocking passively. The ball trajectory is exceptionally low and therefore creates disruptive and very unpleasant shots for the opponent. BURNOUT: Bombs away for fast attack and a reliable secure block.   顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : 1.5mm/ 1.8mm/ 2.0mm BREAKOUT: Unpredictably aggressive whilst maintaining high control.   顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : 1.5mm/ 1.8mm/ 2.0mm   ..
Der-materialspezialist ELIMINATION EXTRA LONG 長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist ELIMINATION EXTRA LONG 長膠 乒乓球 套膠 With ELIMINATION EXTRA LONG the research team of der-materialspezialist has gone to the edge of the permissible. The strict regulations of the ITTF have been exhausted entirely with this disruptional rubber.   The result is a long pimple rubber with an extremely high disruptional effect and very high rotation values.   ELIMINATION EXTRA LONG can be used both for a disruptional block play close at the table and for classic defensive play away from the table.   The relatively soft pimples also enable disruptive and offensive attacking strokes. Through the use of a new rubber compound the rubber is rather slow and therefore compensates the high disruptional properties with outstanding control values.   ELIMINATION EXTRA LONG: Destroy your opponent!       顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : OX/ 0.5mm/ 1.0mm   ..
Der-materialspezialist HELLCAT 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist HELLCAT 半長膠 乒乓球 套膠  der-materialspezialist HELLCAT unites the efficiency of short pimples when blocking or attacking with the disruptional effect of long pimples when playing disruptional or defensive strokes. When playing defense away from the table HELLCAT enables safe strokes with entirely unpredictable changes in spin. The ball trajectory is devilishly low hereby transferring the spin tremendously. HELLCAT is insensitive to spin and enables offensive strokes of a modern medium pimpled disruptional rubber. Offensive counter rallies are unpredictable for the opponent due to the extremely high disruptional effect. HELLCAT: Diabolical disruption combined with best control values.   顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : OX/ 1.5mm/ 1.8mm ..
Der-materialspezialist L.S.D. LONG SUPER DEFENCE 乒乓球 長膠
Der-materialspezialist L.S.D. LONG SUPER DEFENCE 長膠 乒乓球 套膠 長膠 單膠 By develop this new long pimple der-materialspezialist was responsible that control and disruptive effect are conform. Therefore surface structure, pimple geometry and softness has been selected that they give a perfect performance in the game. L.S.D. Long Super Defence offer maximum spin by cropping under the ball from behind and also by playing close to the table. The pimple geometry guaranteed ugly curl effects and incalculabel swirling balls. The moderate tempo give a perfect safety in passive game situation but permit also active destroying hits.   顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : OX/ 1.0mm   ..
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Der-materialspezialist MEGA-BLOCK ANTI 防弧 乒乓球 套膠
Der-materialspezialist MEGA-BLOCK ANTI 防弧 乒乓球 套膠 This new slick antispin rubber is the ultimate legal weapon for blocking close to the table. Thanks to its uncomparable surface MEGA-BLOCK creates maximum spinreversal. MEGA-BLOCK not only generates a maximum of spinreversal but also never seen before extremely short destructive blocks. MEGA-BLOCK provides very high control through its extreme dampening sponge which also enables a variety of different strokes. Passiv or rotationless balls can be attacked with ease with MEGA-BLOCK creating a very short disruptional trajectory which will confuse the opponent. MEGA-BLOCK: Forget frictionless long pimples MEGA-BLOCK is the future!   顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色 海綿厚度 : 1.0mm/ 1.5mm   ..
Der-materialspezialist MICROFIBER CLOTH SBS  防弧 乒乓球 清潔布
Der-materialspezialist MICROFIBER CLOTH SBS  防弧 乒乓球 清潔布 Our microfiber cloth SBS is perfect for cleaning all smooth surfaces and is ideal for cleaning all frictionless ANTI-TOP surfaces. At the same time, a perfect cleaning result is achieved by using der-materialspezialist PRO-ANTI-CLEAN cleaner. Application: Spray 2-3 sprays of der-materialspezialist PRO-ANTI-CLEAN cleaner  directly on the surface off the rubber and spread evenly with the SBS microfibre cloth. Then polish with the dry side of the cloth, with rapid circular movements, until rubber surface is complete frictionless again. High quality of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Reusable and environmentally friendly. Washing instructions: Washable up to 40 ° Do not bleach Do not iron ..
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